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One family's passion....the story so far...
La Masseria is the culmination of the Ciman family’s passion for good, wholesome food. The fare is genuine, unpretentious Italian country cuisine prepared and nurtured, as recipes and traditions have been passed down from one generation to another.
The word La Masseria means “ the farmhouse”, a homestead typical of Southern Italy,  where fruits, grains, vegetables, are grown, and livestock kept, making it the embodiment of a completely self-sufficient way of life. La Masseria is where the fruits of the earth are gathered by the massaro, who ritualizes the process of growing, reaping and preserving. This is where seasons create the menu, simplicity is chef, and slow food is away of life.
This is Lorenzo and Miki Ciman’s legacy, from which sprung La Masseria in 1999, in Stellenbosch on the Blaauwklippen road. Initially started as a boutique cheesery, from where Miki, a cheese-maker, made and sold her sought-after products, then quickly extended to a small daytime restaurant as people flocked to sample her fresh produce, then add a glass of wine or two, and eventually, a restaurant emerged as people wanted more and more of the delightful goodies that were made fresh everyday on the premises.  In time the cheesery made way for a full-blown Italian restaurant and the cheese operation was moved to other premises in Stellenbosch. In 2003, Miki, Lorenzo and their family moved La Masseria Restaurant to an old cellar in Eversdal, Durbanville, as the farm on which La Massseria was started, was sold. An apt move as this venue is an historical site, which is in keeping with the rustic appeal of the family’s restaurant. The Ciman’s daughters, Paola and Kiki slowly took over the apron strings and ownership of La Masseria in Durbanville, guided by their wonderful Italian heritage.
La Masseria enjoyed 9 successful years there, but in the meantime Miki stumbled upon a run-down house along the R44 , and the family decided to  bring La Masseria “home” to Stellenbosch and opened Agriturismo La Masseria in November 2010.
With the Durbanville restaurant being sold in October 2011, the Ciman family decided to concentrate solely on LaMasseria Stellenbosch , located within an old farmhouse on the R44, outside Stellenbosch, which also housed La Masseria Restaurant & Deli with Miki’s cheese-making and Lorenzo’s charcuterieIN January 2015, Miki and Lorenzo  and family took the difficult decision to close the restaurant operation along the R44, in favour of a quieter life after many many years  of long hours and late night.
La Masseria is proud to have had a loyal base of customers, who have supported us since the Stellenbosch days, followed us to the Durbanville area  and back to Stellenbosch. Now we are able to still offer the same inimitable food andcooking experience albeit in a different format, via our still popular Cooking Classes, Charcuterie Workshops and Cheese-making Courses, held at various venues. And of course La Masseria Foods are present at various food shows and famers markets around the western Cape.
Even with no restaurant, still today, la famiglia comes together to produce fresh homemade pasta, bread, preserves, Italian meats ,marinated goodies and, of course, the delectable Italian cheese, which are now also being sold at oulittle deli, La Bottega Deli at the Italian Club, Milnerton.

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